Welcome to
Santa's bad
List, kid.

You've got some explaining to do . . .

Santa's Bad List

Face it. You’re here because you’ve been bad.

Now, with Christmas closing in you need help getting on Santa’s “good list” (with all of the milquetoast Goody two-shoes choir boys and girls who are too timid to know a good time if it slapped them in the face with a tequila-soaked flatfish).

Yeah, yeah, we get it. We're here to help.

Whatever you did, we can get you back on Santa’s “good list” long enough to score some loot—and presents—before returning to the fun life of being bad. To keep you from getting too Sunday School-ready, we have some bad ideas to get you into more trouble "fun" than you can talk your way out of without a bankroll of Charlie’s and an uncle who is a judge.

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